Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Factors that enhance the success of introducing a Human Capacity Development (HCD) framework: some reflections from Thailand

Please let me share with you some reflections on introducing Human Capacity Development (HCD) framework in Thailand.

After a series of HCD workshops in northern and northeastern Thailand, the HCD framework was formally adopted in January 2004 with the training of national facilitators who would be working in 4 regions of Thailand. The training workshop was hosted by AEP in Chiangmai, with Ian and Alison as the key resource persons. After the workshop, the national facilitators organized regional workshops to share their learning of HCD with the regional and provincial facilitators in their respective regions, who later shared their learning of HCD with key community focal points in the selected communities in their province, who served as community facilitators and tried to ‘put HCD to work’ in their respective community. Altogether HCD was adopted for use in 2 communities x 33 provinces (of the existing 76 provinces) in the country.

<>Although this multi-layer design seemed too complicated to succeed, the participants of the follow-up and sharing seminar in Bangkok, April 2005, confirmed that HCD worked and wanted to scale out from 2 communities to 2 new communities in each province this year. <>

According to the participants, the factors that enhance the success of introducing HCD framework consist of the following:

<>Two training workshops are planned for May to introduce more facilitators to HCD. This time 2 ‘home-grown’ regional facilitators from the north and 2 from the northeast serve as key resource persons. <>

The journey continues!

Usa Duongsaa
Chiangmai, thailand

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